Scorched Earth II

July 2021Regular visitors to my blog will know that one of my favourite nature reserves isa former military training area south of Berlin (see: Scorched Earth I)After a massive fire some years back, new flora is now showing up and with it firstlarger fauna. One species was always present even right after the big fire,… Continue reading Scorched Earth II

Common Starling roost

June 2020 At the beginning of April, during a sound recording trip, I accidentally came across a roost of Common Starlings Sturnus v. vulgaris consisting of several hundreds of individuals. During the morning recording session I realised that those songs were differently from those uttered at night. At night the birds arriving at the roost… Continue reading Common Starling roost

Bluethroat song

June 2020 I am regularly asked how exactly I came to sound recording. The answer is as short as simple: I discovered that there are animal sounds that are very abstract and sound surprisingly artificial. Here my personal interest in synthesising sounds began to fade away… PFR16506, 200410, Bluethroat Luscinia svecia cyanecula, male, song, Germany

Black Sea & Greater Caucasus

January 2020 When I was in elementary school, my class teacher reported from trip to the Black Sea she had done recently. At that time, I neither knew exactly where this sea should be, nor could I imagine that this woman, who was standing in front of me, should really have seen real dolphins. At… Continue reading Black Sea & Greater Caucasus

First Light

January 2020 Since Marc Namblard released his “Chants of Frozen Lakes” album, I have become more aware of this phenomenon. Ice, in a lake or river bed gets squeezed by changes in temperature and thus produces a wide range of sounds. At the beginning of January I spontaneously had the opportunity to record this phenomenon.… Continue reading First Light

Drömling IX – New year’s eve in a nature reserve

January 2020 No doubt, fireworks are something exciting for sound enthusiasts. The impact, however to the natural world, pets and people with no interest in extremely loud detonations or certain traumas are devastating – just to talk about the acoustic aspect. In the past few years there have been many studies on the health effects… Continue reading Drömling IX – New year’s eve in a nature reserve

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