Freelance Field Biologist + Recordist.
Bioacoustics enthusiast and conservationist.

Knowledge is the key to conservation.

More than 24.000 sound recordings of wildlife, natural phenomena but also man-made sounds in my own sound archive.


2024, elected Vize-chairman of the Wildlife Sound Recording Society

2020, Sound of the Year Award – shortlisted (best natural sound)

2020-present, board member Finch Research Network

2016, Silver Fox Award of the Wildlife Sound Recording Society

2015-2018, Findings – Phonographie Diskurse

2012-present, Birds in Flight – bird ID guide

2009-preent, certified bird ringer

2008-present, freelance field biologist

2004-08, Alula Ton Serien – platform for sound art

2002-08, studies of Media Art at Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig

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