Scorched Earth II

July 2021Regular visitors to my blog will know that one of my favourite nature reserves isa former military training area south of Berlin (see: Scorched Earth I)After a massive fire some years back, new flora is now showing up and with it firstlarger fauna. One species was always present even right after the big fire,… Continue reading Scorched Earth II

Brandenburg thunderstorm

September 2019 Normally I do not deploy autonomous recording units, except for scientific monitoring. Why? For me, the best part of sound recording is listening during the recording process (actually, of course, a recording would not have to be done at all to do so). I was in a marsh area in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to do… Continue reading Brandenburg thunderstorm

The life aquatic

August 2019 North of Berlin, just beyond the city boundary is a beautiful wetland called Tegeler Fließ. Here the naturalist Alexander von Humboldt spent his childhood. Today, this area is not only scenic impressive, it also home to a good number of bird species. Since it is only 45 minutes away from my home, I… Continue reading The life aquatic

Scorched Earth I

July 2019The naturalist’s year is more or less structured by the life cycles of the natural world.Living in a life cycle mostly alienated from nature, it brings with it that only partialinsights into the former are possible. At least once a year, I usually visit a former military training area south of Berlin inorder to… Continue reading Scorched Earth I

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