Tock Tock

I was quite surprised when, with the (brief) rise in temperature, Common Spadefoot Pelobates fuscusadvertising calls were suddenly heard from the canals and ditches surrounding my cabin.However, the species prefers sandy soils (to burrow) and stagnant or slow-flowing water for spawning.So the adjacent environment is a perfect biotope.

Lil’ Bittern

Juli 2016 From time to time I visit an area near Leipzig comprising some lakes, meadows and beautiful deciduous forests. It inhabits several rare bird species but is only rarely observed and therefore wildife is poorly documented. This time I found my second Little Bittern Ixobrychus minutus in that area. PFR11908, 2-11, 160622, Little Bittern… Continue reading Lil’ Bittern


July 2010 In spring/summer 2010 I did several monitoring jobs. One of them regarded the occurence of the River Warbler Locustella fluviatillis in Leipzig’s alluvial forest. I could found only a few singers, one of them in a marvellous area called Papitzer Lachen (Papitz`s Puddles). Here´s a recording of  one male with loads of European… Continue reading Summer

Amphibian paradise (optically)

March 2010 End of March my companion Marcus and I made a trip to a famous spot for amphibians, particularly for Moor Frogs Rana arvalis and European Common Toads Bufo bufo. I hoped to get a few recordings in a quiet surrounding – but my mission failed. The destination is a nature reserve in the… Continue reading Amphibian paradise (optically)

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