Measure and Control

March 2022 During a raptor survey in a seemingly endless coniferous forest, I passed a gas measurement andcontrol station. In addition to the visual deplacency in the middle of the forest, I immediatelyrecognised the massive sound that the station produces. After work, it immediately became clear,sound recordings would have to be made here.I could not… Continue reading Measure and Control

Black Sea & Greater Caucasus

January 2020 When I was in elementary school, my class teacher reported from trip to the Black Sea she had done recently. At that time, I neither knew exactly where this sea should be, nor could I imagine that this woman, who was standing in front of me, should really have seen real dolphins. At… Continue reading Black Sea & Greater Caucasus

Drömling IX – New year’s eve in a nature reserve

January 2020 No doubt, fireworks are something exciting for sound enthusiasts. The impact, however to the natural world, pets and people with no interest in extremely loud detonations or certain traumas are devastating – just to talk about the acoustic aspect. In the past few years there have been many studies on the health effects… Continue reading Drömling IX – New year’s eve in a nature reserve


October 2019 I went to Germany’s most famous Common Crane roost north of Berlin recently. My goal was to make sound recordings of a really large number of Common Cranes arriving at roost. In this case around 20.000 individuals. It is certainly arguable whether if it is right, in times of continuous habitat loss, to… Continue reading Linum

Darß IV

April 2019 Regular readers of my blog will know, I really like the peninsula Darss in Northeast Germany and go there as often as I can. During all of my visits, the target sound-wise has been always the same: calls of small passerines. But beside particular intentions I always simply enjoyed the tranquility in those… Continue reading Darß IV

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