field note

New year’s eve in a nature reserve – Drömling IX

January 2020
No doubt, fireworks are something exciting for sound enthusiasts. The impact, however to the
natural world, pets and people with no interest in extremely loud detonations or certain traumas
are devastating – just to talk about the acoustic aspect.

In the past few years there have been many studies on the health effects of fireworks made in
urban areas, but surprisingly little in rural areas or in nature reserves.
What happens in such a nature reserve during at several hours of massive noise production
in medium or large distances around that particular spot?

In 2012 I made sound recordings during the New Year’s Eve fireworks at the same spot called
Flachwasserzone Mannhausen located in the Drömling Biosphere Reserve, Saxony Anhalt.
For a better spatial location of the events, I have made sound recordings again – but now in
a 360 ° format. So this track is a binaural version of an Ambisonics recording.

Caution! This recording contains very loud peaks that could damage your hearing.
Please listen at a moderate volume!

PFR16104, 191231, fireworks, Tundra Bean Goose, Greater White-fronted Goose, Greylag Goose,
Whooper Swan, Bewick’s Swan, Common Crane, Germany