Sandafa Al Far

September 2019
In 2015 I was in Egypt for a few weeks for a survey job. To be honest it was a rather unfortunate
trip. The political situation was very difficult, the people seemed to be somehow nervous and
anxious. Beside the actual work being able to move freely, e.g. for sound recordings, was only
possible very limited.
That’s why I only made very few sound recordings, actually I have seen and heard only little of
the area we were operating in. But, the few recordings that I have trigger quite strong memories
and feelings. This happens regularly when I take my time and listen through my collection, but
it is rarely so intensely. Interestingly enough, I’ve only recently noticed this transforming
effect, since then I have been trying to take more time for it and that’s why I started to share
some special recordings here.

PFR15350, 120515, European Mole Cricket Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa
African Common Toad Amietophrynus regularis, Egypt

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