Sandafa Al Far

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September 2019 In 2015 I was in Egypt for a few weeks for a survey job. To be honest it was a rather unfortunate trip. The political situation was very difficult, the people seemed to be somehow nervous and anxious. Beside the actual work being able to move freely, e.g. for sound recordings, was only […]

Fade out

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July 2014 This sound recording was taken during a short stay on Madeira, Portugal. It was the most intense listening and recording session I’ve ever experienced. Thank You! PFR10086, 1-11, 140628, Zino’s Petrel, male, female, calls, Pico de Arieiro, Madeira, Portugal

Arabian summer

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June 2012 In April and May 2012 I stayed in Lower Egypt for a bird migration survey. This gave me several opportunities for sound recording. To walk around in Egypt as a foreigner, moreover with suspiciously looking equipment, was not easy these times. So I could manage only a few trips, sometimes acompanied by a […]