Drömling VI

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FEBRUARY 2015 Here some impressions of my trips to the Altmark (Saxony Anhalt) during this winter. PFR10386, 2-00, 141231, children, campfire, raindrops, fireworks Flachwasserzone Mannhausen, Germany, ORTF, Neumann KM184 PFR10402, 2-00, 150104, Whooper Swan Cygnus cygnus, calls in flight Berenbrock, Germany, Telinga parabolic reflector PFR10478, 2-00, 150121, Goldcrest Regulus regulus, 20, foraging on the ground, […]

Baltic winds

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January 2015 I spent one week on Poel Island in the northwest of East-Germany end of December 2014 in order to make proper recordings of Eurasian Curlews, Whooper- and Bewick’s Swans. PFR10425, 141226, 1-10, Whooper Swan Cygnus cygnus, 20, calls in flight, wing sound Gollwitz, Poel Island, Germany First I have to confess, I’ve never […]

Just can’t get enough

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October 2014 … is not refering to commercial bird sound records, but to autumn. Autumn isn’t just when I was born, what obviously made this season to something special to me, it is the time of several major events in nature: bird migration to the wintering grounds, Red Deer rut, vocal activities by owls and […]

Tshekk feat. Thomas K.

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August 2014 A bit bored by birding and sound recording in always the same areas since years I asked my friend Thomas to show me nice spots near his hometown – especially because it is  just around the corner. A few days later I found myself back in an area, well known from my childhood […]

Schorfheide feat. Johannes Honold

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May 2014 In early April the German Ornithologist’s Society’s – DO-G bioacoustic working group met in Berlin for a workshop. They main aim was to give an insight into techniques of bioacoustic monitoring. As the groups vize spokesman and one of the more experienced members of the group I had the opportunity to attend the […]

Back on track

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March 2014 The Presseler Moor- und Heidegebiet (Pressel mire and heathland reserve) was the favorite spot of my first years as a wildlife sound recordist and ornithologist. Especially a part called Wildenhainer Bruch (Mire Wildenhain) attracted me that time. It is an area of great scenic beauty and the possibility of bumping into one of […]