From Steppes to Fallow Lands

August 2020

Earlier this month I was invited by a great project called Geräuschkulisse
to give a lecture. It was all about the steppes of Central and East Asia
and what they might have in common with fallow land and desertified
agricultural landscapes
in Germany. A third part was my work on research
on the North and Baltic Sea.

So here are the played sound recordings.

Many thanks to Carina, Lena and Martina!

I – Steppes

Montane steppe

PFR09326, Bar-headed Goose, territorial fights
Bayankhongorijn Khukh Nuur, Mongolia

PFR09291, Altai Snowcock, song, excitement calls
(Asian) Red-billed Chough, calls
Bayankhongorijn Khukh Nuur, Mongolia

PFR09323, (Sushkin’s) Asian Rosy-finch, foraging and take-of calls
Bayankhongorijn Khukh Nuur, Mongolia

Sushkin’s Asian Rosy Finch, male

Lowland steppe

PFR09242, Mongolian Gull tagging session feat. Andreas Buchheim, Thorsten Zegula
Bayankhongorijn Khukh Nuur, Mongolia

PFR09002, Isabelline Wheatear, male, song
Telmen Nuur, Mongolia

PFR06479, Steppe Pika, excitement calls
steppe lake near Shar, Kazakhstan

PFR05572, desert storm
Betpak Dala, Kazakhstan

Andreas Buchheim – friend, guide and cool guy

II – Desertification

Deserted agricultural landscape

PFR16690, wind energy plant ambience – day
Brandenburg, Germany

PFR16725, wind energy plant ambience – night
Brandenburg, Germany

PFR16698, Common Quail, song
Brandenburg, Germany

Urban waste land

PFR05312, PFR08178, Crested Lark, song; construction site – reconstruction

PFRTEMP, Pied Wheatear, 2cy male, plastic song
Kathewitz, Germany

III – Offshore

PFR15768, cabin ambience
MV Sverdrupson, North Sea, offshore

PFR15744, mass bird migration
North Sea, offshore