Urban Breeding

August 2019 Sometimes wildlife sound is just straightforward. A few weeks ago, a Feral Pigeon Columbia livia domestica started breeding on the windowsill of our bathroom window. Now, the juveniles are almost ready to leave the nest. The adult bird feeds the young birds very often at the moment… PFR15784, 190807, Feral Pigeon Columba livia… Continue reading Urban Breeding

They say no, we say yes

January 2016 After one year of weekly racist marches in Leipzig, Leipzig’s antifascist youth decided to send a clear signal. In mid of December a demonstration against a planned Nazi march through Leipzig’s left-wing dominated borough Connewitz ended up with riots. As penalty for that the Leipzig Police imposed a ban on meetings for the… Continue reading They say no, we say yes


August 2015 One of the sound recordings I made recently in my flat during a heavy storm. PFR11089, 1-10, 150725, draught, clattering-doors, ORTF Sennheiser KM184, Leipzig, Germany

New year’s eve inside a nest box

January 2011 In most countries people do welcome the new year with fireworks. In different cultures it has different traditional backgrounds, and fireworks, of course, have found their way into the phonography community as a permanent annual feature. Like many other people, I wonder what impact this tradition has for birds or animals in general,… Continue reading New year’s eve inside a nest box


July 2008 Now it´s summer and there´s nothing like the sound of Common Swifts Apus apus dashing by close to my windows. 080709, Common Swift Apus a. apus, calls in flight, Leipzig, Germany

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