New year’s eve inside a nest box

January 2011
In most countries people do welcome the new year with fireworks. In different
cultures it has different traditional backgrounds, and fireworks, of course, have
found their way into the phonography community as a permanent annual feature.

Like many other people, I wonder what impact this tradition has for birds or
animals in general, which live in our cities backyards, parks or buildings.
In my backyard I have installed a few nestboxes for smaller songbirds.
In winter, some of them try to find protection from the cold inside of them.
The following recording was made inside in one of these nestboxes.

PFR08576, 101231, new years eve in a nesting-box, Leipzig, Germany

photo credit:
Eurasian Tree Sparrow Passer montanus © Mathias Putze | Green-Lens

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