Mallorca of the north

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January 2016 In June 2014 I went to the annual meeting of the Wildlife Sound Recording Society at Rutland Wetland Reserve. Chris Watson the new president of the society presented sound recordings made on filming trips for Sir David Attenborough’s series Frozen Planet– no need to mention how inspiring it was once again. Chris invited […]

Findings #01

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Findings – Phonographie Diskurse Patrick Franke &  Chris Weinheimer Ausgabe #01 – unterwegs 16.01.2015, 20:00h Kapitaldruck Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 36 Leipzig-Süd Die Phonographie, auch „field recording“ genannt, hat sich von ihren ethnographischen und anthropologischen Wurzeln gelöst. Als eigenständige Kunstform bleibt sie aber trotzdem noch ein Medium, in dem die Ferne, das Fremde eine wichtige Rolle spielt. Moderner […]


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July 2014 In May/June 2013 I accompanied a small group consisting of three experienced field ornithologists and bird ringers from Mongolia, Germany and the UK plus a driver and a cook from Ulaanbaatar for a short expedition through western central-mongolia. Erdenesant PFR07717-1, 2-10, 130522, Taiga Flycatcher Ficedula albicilla, excitement call, Erdenesant, Mongolia PFR07773, 2-10, 130523 […]

East Kazakhstan

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November 2012 As long as I can remember, the vastness of the Eurasian East has always fascinated me. Thus,  I seized the opportunity to explore eastern Kazakhstan with a 4WD van in 2011 (April 1st – May 31st). This expedition seemed to be a real chance for making sound recordings of a pristine nature, especially […]

Arabian summer

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June 2012 In April and May 2012 I stayed in Lower Egypt for a bird migration survey. This gave me several opportunities for sound recording. To walk around in Egypt as a foreigner, moreover with suspiciously looking equipment, was not easy these times. So I could manage only a few trips, sometimes acompanied by a […]

Austria & Hungary

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July 2010 In the mid of May 2010 I was part of a short birding-tour to Austria and Hungary. We visited the famous Wienerwald, Neusiedler See and the Fertö-Hanság Nemzeti Park in northern Hungary. At the end of our six-day trip we had 140 bird species at our list but I recorded only a few […]


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June 2009 In June two friends and I made a trip to Norge and Denmark. It was not my first time there, but the first time with having more time to enjoy the landscape without having to run from one tourist attraction to the next as with my parents in my boyhood. Nevertheless, we did […]