Horses and herders

September 2019
On expeditions in unfamiliar areas, it might happen that the sheer number of interesting sounds
overwhelms you. Especially when no man made noise pollutes the soundscape. In such a situation,
I either prefer not to make any sound recordings at all or to quickly decide what to focus on.

In a valley in Central Mongolia, I was looking/hearing for Godlewski’s Buntings. In the very moment
I found a singing male, two shepherd boys with more than 100 horses came up the slope – straight
towards me
. Immediately it was clear that a clean recording of the bunting would never succeed under
these circumstances. On the other hand, the chance to record such a large herd of horses would not
be that easy anymore – especially since they were still far enough to bring my recording rig well
into position…

PFR09436, 130606, herders and horses, Mongolia

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