field note


September 2019
As someone who has been socialised in a quasi-socialist state, it is very important to me that there
is an awareness that one’s own success is also based on the work and knowledge of others.
Likewise, it is natural for me to share knowledge and experience and not to cultivate competitiveness.
In addition to this very fundamental attitude, I believe that it can be advantageous for anyone,
to approach their own work with the help of non-specialist people, to gain a new perspective on it
– even if it may seem more of a disadvantage at first. This sound recording was taken in such a moment.
Even this is not really a decent recording (screaming people in the background, quite some noise,
my audible breath), it is something special for me, since I would not have walked to this place alone.
Thank you!

PFR15298, 190220, Trumpeter Finch Bucanetes githagineus crassirostris, Israel