Greifwalder Oie V

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February 2017 End of December 2016 I went to the baltic isle Greifswalder Oie for the 5th time. My intention was to collect more sound recordings for two upcoming releases with unprocessed sound recordings from the baltic region. The winter was far too mild for that time of the year and wouldn’t force too many […]

Just dutch birding II

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MAY 2015 It’s no secret the Netherlands are always worth a visit at least for birding. Especially the north seems to be blessed with migrants and sometimes one can get the impression, the countless dutch birders even find every vagrant may it ever so inconspicuous. Therefore, no doubt a stopover in Holland travelling from the […]

Drömling VI

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FEBRUARY 2015 Here some impressions of my trips to the Altmark (Saxony Anhalt) during the winter. PFR10386, 2-00, 141231, children, campfire, raindrops, fireworks Flachwasserzone Mannhausen, Germany, ORTF, Neumann KM184 PFR10402, 2-00, 150104, Whooper Swan Cygnus cygnus, calls in flight Berenbrock, Germany, Telinga parabolic reflector PFR10478, 2-00, 150121, Goldcrest Regulus regulus, 20, foraging on the ground, […]

Just can’t get enough

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October 2014 … is not refering to commercial bird sound records, but to autumn. Autumn isn’t just when I was born, what obviously made this season to something special to me, it is the time of several major events in nature: bird migration to the wintering grounds, Red Deer rut, vocal activities by owls and […]


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July 2014 In May/June 2013 I accompanied a small group consisting of three experienced field ornithologists and bird ringers from Mongolia, Germany and the UK plus a driver and a cook from Ulaanbaatar for a short expedition through western central-mongolia. Erdenesant PFR07717-1, 2-10, 130522, Taiga Flycatcher Ficedula albicilla, excitement call, Erdenesant, Mongolia PFR07773, 2-10, 130523 […]

Heimspiel – Drömling V

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September 2013 I mentioned the Flachwasserzone Mannhausen (shallow lake) here several times before. Since my family moved to a village just around the corner I’m regularly there for birding – especially in winter (arctic geese). On my way from Poole (UK) back to Leipzig I had again a short stopover and it was a good […]

Just dutch birding I

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September 2013 In September I went to the harbour town Poole in South England. After a unexpected offer from The sound approach to reinforce the team as a librarian at this year’s Birdfair I went to my first meeting with the guys. Before and after these exciting, instructive and delightful days I spent some days […]