Drömling X – Politics

October 2021
To be somehow bound to your own native region, means of course, that people from the past
pop up here and there (not only in conceivable trivial gossip the mother tells). In most cases,
a surprisingly interesting thing, actually. As a person who has always been part of subcultures,
such a meeting with ‘people from the past’ is more than just an update on social status etc.
How did other people evolve who adhered to the same ideas or lived by the same principles?
How is the connection to all these things today? And music, what music listen all these people
today, in whose lives music and subculture has been such an important part?

A year ago I happened to meet a friend from the nineties who had a very big influence on me
at the ‘nordic goose’ roost of my choice. Somewhat unexpectedly, he was carrying
a pair of binoculars. A short exchange of words and the promise to get in touch with each other.
Last summer we then have made the first field trip together, in the past days another one.

20+ years back, I would not have imagined, that we could spent time at a nature reserve,
enjoying the noise of thousands of birds instead of hardcore/punk bands with radical statements,
fantasising about the longed-for social and environmental change, in a youth club somewhere
in the hinterland.
Somehow two sides of the same coin, I think now, as my interest in nature and wildlife sound
has always been political in one way or another and, not an escape from the massive problems
of the world. A fusion of sound and socially relevant topics will be expressed much more here
in the future.

PFR18607, Tundra Bean Goose, Greater White-fronted Goose, Greylag Goose at roost, Germany – Ambisonics to Binaural
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