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July 2017 I recently made a short trip to a former military area in Brandenburg in order to make decent recordings of Eurasian Nightjars Caprimulgus europaeus and in hope for another Grey Wolf Lupus lupus observation. PFR13073, 26/05/2017, Wood Warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix, song, Brandenburg, Germany Unfortunately that area is close to Berlin thus air traffic […]

Tshekk feat. Thomas K.

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August 2014 A bit bored by birding and sound recording in always the same areas since years I asked my friend Thomas to show me nice spots near his hometown – especially because it is  just around the corner. A few days later I found myself back in an area, well known from my childhood […]

Barred (Warbler) feat. Thomas K.

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June 2014 In contrast to visual identification of Barred Warblers Sylvia nisoria, which is without doubt straightforeward – not to say this species is unmistakeable – it’s acoustic ID seems to be much more complicated, even for more experienced birders. the mighty Thomas K. The new approach has taught us to rely on facts not […]

The blessing of natural forces

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September 2013 The area around Leipzig is well know for it’s large former brown coal opencast mines. Most of them are recultivated, filled-up with water, planted or being used for freetime activities which getting out of hand now. In the north there is the so called Seelhausener See adjacent to the famous lake Goitzsche. There […]

In search of an Eagle Owl

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April 2013 Over a longer period I occasionally search for breeding territories of Eurasian Eagle Owls Bubo bubo. But why? First, quite simple, because it´s an amazing bird. On the other hand I am fascinated by large birds of prey in general. In course of rock climbing trips to former stone pits last summer I […]

Bee-eaters at Geiseltal

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July 2008 During the last weeks I regularly went to an area called Geiseltal near Merseburg in central Germany. It was a brown coal pit till 1994. Now the area will be transformed to an immense water landscape for all kinds of sports and freetime activities. Some animals which life in this really rare type […]