February 2018 I spent a good part of the winter 2017/18 with studying vocalisations of Red Crossbills Loxia curvirostra, Parrot Crossbills Loxia pytyopsittacus and the very close related Common Redpoll Acanthis flammea (or Lesser Redpoll A. cabaret, Mealy Redpoll A. flammea and Arctic Redpoll A. hornemanni if you like). Parrot Crossbill Loxia pytyopsittacus, 2CY, male Cones! Red Crossbill Loxia… Continue reading Crossbills

Drömling VII – Summer

September 2016 End of July, early August adult birds usually are busy with feeding their chicks or already moult quietly hidden in the shrubbery. From time to time you can hear males singing in aim to teach their offspring species-specific songs, probably in particular dialects. But the time of exuberant dawn choruses and day and night time singing is… Continue reading Drömling VII – Summer

Findings #02

Findings – Phonographie Diskurse Patrick Franke &  Chris Weinheimer Ausgabe #02 – Tiere 13.03.2015, 20:00h Kapitaldruck Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 36 Leipzig-Süd Der Begriff des Natürlichen hat Bedeutungswandel erlebt, die ihn fast unbrauchbar machen. Von der „Gesamtheit dessen, was durch die Sinne wahrnehmbar ist“ bis hin zu dem, „was nicht vom Menschen geschaffen wurde“ ist Natur immer wieder… Continue reading Findings #02

Barred (Warbler) feat. Thomas K.

June 2014 In contrast to visual identification of Barred Warblers Sylvia nisoria, which is without doubt straightforeward – not to say this species is unmistakeable – it’s acoustic ID seems to be much more complicated, even for more experienced birders. the mighty Thomas K. The new approach has taught us to rely on facts not… Continue reading Barred (Warbler) feat. Thomas K.

Schorfheide feat. Johannes Honold

May 2014 In early April the German Ornithologist’s Society’s – DO-G bioacoustic working group met in Berlin for a workshop. They main aim was to give an insight into techniques of bioacoustic monitoring. As the groups vize spokesman and one of the more experienced members of the group I had the opportunity to attend the… Continue reading Schorfheide feat. Johannes Honold

Little colourful jobs – Darß II

February 2013 During the first days of February I went to the peninsula Darß-Fischland-Zingst for the second time. I chose the February in hope to that both Owls and Woodpeckers are already in their courtship display. But it was still too cold and it rained/snowed nearly all the time. So I decided to devote my… Continue reading Little colourful jobs – Darß II

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