field note

In search of an Eagle Owl

April 2013
Over a longer period I occasionally search for breeding territories of Eurasian
Eagle Owls Bubo bubo. But why? First, quite simple, because it´s an amazing bird.
On the other hand I am fascinated by large birds of prey in general.

In course of rock climbing trips to former stone pits last summer I discovered
a few territories. This spring should be the right time to make sound recordings
their display calls there.
I expected that their annual cycle would be disturbed through this unusual long
winter and end of march wouldn’t be too late. But once more I had to leave without

Nevertheless, being outdoor is always great and there’s always something

PFR07583, 130331, Eurasian Teal Anas crecca, calls in flight, wing sound,
northwestern Saxony, ORTF, Neumann KM184

PFR07584, 130331, some kind of metal?,
northwestern Saxony, ORFT, Neumann KM184