Lil’ Bittern

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Juli 2016 From time to time I visit an area near Leipzig comprising some lakes, meadows and beautiful deciduous forests. It inhabits several rare bird species but is only rarely observed and therefore wildife is poorly documented. This time I found my second Little Bittern Ixobrychus minutus in that area. PFR11908, 2-11, 160622, Little Bittern […]

Bird bound feat. Hendrik Walcher

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August 2015 In the early 2000s I curated a sound art series called Alula Ton Serien. I think it was the concert series where I met Hendrik Walcher, an ornithologist and sound recordist for the first time. I remember not very detailed at things from that time, simply because I was so busy these days. […]

Come back, kid!

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MAY 2015 I remember vividly one of my first trips to explore potential biotopes for wildlife sound recording back in the early 2000s somewhere around Leipzig. Driven by the idea we could spot a displaying Eurasian Woodcock Scolopax rusticola my friend Daniel and I went off to a well known forest which should inhabit lots […]

Barred (Warbler) feat. Thomas K.

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June 2014 In contrast to visual identification of Barred Warblers Sylvia nisoria, which is without doubt straightforeward – not to say this species is unmistakeable – it’s acoustic ID seems to be much more complicated, even for more experienced birders. the mighty Thomas K. The new approach has taught us to rely on facts not […]