July 2019 It took a few years to return to Iceland. This time though without the silly, eurocentric image and personal projections of the ‘untouched paradise’ that so many bring along – like me, back in 2015. -> So this time I could very well accept mass tourism, large-scale construction projects (especially roads) and the… Continue reading Barren

Just dutch birding II

MAY 2015 It’s no secret the Netherlands are always worth a visit at least for birding. Especially the north seems to be blessed with migrants and sometimes one can get the impression, the countless dutch birders even find every vagrant may it ever so inconspicuous. Therefore, no doubt a stopover in Holland travelling from the… Continue reading Just dutch birding II

Come back, kid!

MAY 2015 I remember vividly one of my first trips to explore potential biotopes for wildlife sound recording back in the early 2000s somewhere around Leipzig. Driven by the idea we could spot a displaying Eurasian Woodcock Scolopax rusticola my friend Daniel and I went off to a well known forest which should inhabit lots… Continue reading Come back, kid!

Schorfheide feat. Johannes Honold

May 2014 In early April the German Ornithologist’s Society’s – DO-G bioacoustic working group met in Berlin for a workshop. They main aim was to give an insight into techniques of bioacoustic monitoring. As the groups vize spokesman and one of the more experienced members of the group I had the opportunity to attend the… Continue reading Schorfheide feat. Johannes Honold

Back on track

March 2014 The Presseler Moor- und Heidegebiet (Pressel mire and heathland reserve) was the favorite spot of my first years as a wildlife sound recordist and ornithologist. Especially a part called Wildenhainer Bruch (Mire Wildenhain) attracted me that time. It is an area of great scenic beauty and the possibility of bumping into one of… Continue reading Back on track

East Kazakhstan

November 2012 As long as I can remember, the vastness of the Eurasian East has always fascinated me. Thus,  I seized the opportunity to explore eastern Kazakhstan with a 4WD van in 2011 (April 1st – May 31st). This expedition seemed to be a real chance for making sound recordings of a pristine nature, especially… Continue reading East Kazakhstan

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