From Steppes to Fallow Lands

August 2020 Earlier this month I was invited by a great project called Geräuschkulisse to give a lecture. It was all about the steppes of Central and East Asia and what they might have in common with fallow land and desertified agricultural landscapes in Germany. A third part was my work on research vessels on… Continue reading From Steppes to Fallow Lands

Black Sea & Greater Caucasus

January 2020 When I was in elementary school, my class teacher reported from trip to the Black Sea she had done recently. At that time, I neither knew exactly where this sea should be, nor could I imagine that this woman, who was standing in front of me, should really have seen real dolphins. At… Continue reading Black Sea & Greater Caucasus


July 2019 It took a few years to return to Iceland. This time though without the silly, eurocentric image and personal projections of the ‘untouched paradise’ that so many bring along – like me, back in 2015. -> So this time I could very well accept mass tourism, large-scale construction projects (especially roads) and the… Continue reading Barren

Darß IV

April 2019 Regular readers of my blog will know, I really like the peninsula Darss in Northeast Germany and go there as often as I can. During all of my visits, the target sound-wise has been always the same: calls of small passerines. But beside particular intentions I always simply enjoyed the tranquility in those… Continue reading Darß IV

They say there is a land

February 2019 Israel is, that is well known, THE place for bird migration enthusiasts. Therefore alone, a trip was on my bucket list for quite a long time. In addition I was also curious about the native mammals, reptiles and of course the landscape in general. My only real duty were flight call recordings of… Continue reading They say there is a land

P.S.: WSRS Annual Competition 2017

November 2018 Whilst sorting out recordings for the 2018 Wildlife Sound Recording Society annual competition, it struck me that I did not post my submissions for the 2016 competition. That should be made up hereby. Still learning (single individual) Eurasian Blackcap Sylvia a. atricapilla, 2cy male, late plastic song Family business (several individuals, one species)… Continue reading P.S.: WSRS Annual Competition 2017

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