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July 2019 It took a few years to return to Iceland. This time though without the silly, eurocentric image and personal projections of the ‘untouched paradise’ that so many bring along – like me, back in 2015. -> So this time I could very well accept mass tourism, large-scale construction projects (especially roads) and the […]

Greifwalder Oie V

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February 2017 End of December 2016 I went to the baltic isle Greifswalder Oie for the 5th time. My intention was to collect more sound recordings for two upcoming releases with unprocessed sound recordings from the baltic region. The winter was far too mild for that time of the year and wouldn’t force too many […]


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July 2016 Midyear is usually the time for a short UK trip. The Wildlife Sound Recording Society holds it’s annual meeting and this is the best opportunity to meet some sound recordists, having chats about recent trips, new equipment or this year, the so called brexit. On my way to the Rutland Water Reserve I […]

Mallorca of the north

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January 2016 In June 2014 I went to the annual meeting of the Wildlife Sound Recording Society at Rutland Wetland Reserve. Chris Watson the new president of the society presented sound recordings made on filming trips for Sir David Attenborough’s series Frozen Planet– no need to mention how inspiring it was once again. Chris invited […]

Baltic winds

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January 2015 I spent one week on Poel Island in the northwest of East-Germany end of December 2014 in order to make proper recordings of Eurasian Curlews, Whooper- and Bewick’s Swans. PFR10425, 141226, 1-10, Whooper Swan Cygnus cygnus, 20, calls in flight, wing sound Gollwitz, Poel Island, Germany First I have to confess, I’ve never […]

Fade out

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July 2014 This sound recording was taken during a short stay on Madeira, Portugal. It was the most intense listening and recording session I’ve ever experienced. Thank You! PFR10086, 1-11, 140628, Zino’s Petrel, male, female, calls, Pico de Arieiro, Madeira, Portugal

Greifswalder Oie IV

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December 2010 During the second half of December I visited the isle Greifswalder Oie another time (german Baltic Sea). As expected, there was a lot of snow and for a few days the coast around the isle was frozen – some parts even to the horizon. 101222, Northern Raven Corvus corax, pair, display flight This […]