Fade out

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July 2014 This sound recording was taken during a short stay on Madeira, Portugal. It was the most intense listening and recording session I’ve ever experienced. Thank You! PFR10086, 1-11, 140628, Zino’s Petrel, male, female, calls, Pico de Arieiro, Madeira, Portugal

Schorfheide feat. Johannes Honold

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May 2014 In early April the German Ornithologist’s Society’s – DO-G bioacoustic working group met in Berlin for a workshop. They main aim was to give an insight into techniques of bioacoustic monitoring. As the groups vize spokesman and one of the more experienced members of the group I had the opportunity to attend the […]

Heimspiel – Drömling V

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September 2013 I mentioned the Flachwasserzone Mannhausen (shallow lake) here several times before. Since my family moved to a village just around the corner I’m regularly there for birding – especially in winter (arctic geese). On my way from Poole (UK) back to Leipzig I had again a short stopover and it was a good […]

Just dutch birding I

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September 2013 In September I went to the harbour town Poole in South England. After a unexpected offer from The sound approach to reinforce the team as a librarian at this year’s Birdfair I went to my first meeting with the guys. Before and after these exciting, instructive and delightful days I spent some days […]

Little colourful jobs – Darß II

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February 2013 During the first days of February I went to the peninsula Darß-Fischland-Zingst for the second time. I chose the February in hope to that both Owls and Woodpeckers are already in their courtship display. But it was still too cold and it rained/snowed nearly all the time. So I decided to devote my […]

Darßwald – Darß I

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February 2013 PFR07512, 130203, tree twins, Neudarß, Germany, JrF contact mics c-series PFR07509, 130204, wind, trees, drops, Neudarß, Germany, ORTF-Stereo PFR07510, 130204, drift line, wind, Darß, Germany, JrF hydrophone d-series