Just dutch birding I

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September 2013 In September I went to the harbour town Poole in South England. After a unexpected offer from The sound approach to reinforce the team as a librarian at this year’s Birdfair I went to my first meeting with the guys. Before and after these exciting, instructive and delightful days I spent some days […]

The blessing of natural forces

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September 2013 The area around Leipzig is well know for it’s large former brown coal opencast mines. Most of them are recultivated, filled-up with water, planted or being used for freetime activities which getting out of hand now. In the north there is the so called Seelhausener See adjacent to the famous lake Goitzsche. There […]

East Kazakhstan

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November 2012 As long as I can remember, the vastness of the Eurasian East has always fascinated me. Thus,  I seized the opportunity to explore eastern Kazakhstan with a 4WD van in 2011 (April 1st – May 31st). This expedition seemed to be a real chance for making sound recordings of a pristine nature, especially […]

Vessel tracks II

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November 2012 I’ve never understood what people makes enthusiastic with patriotism. For me, artificial constructs of nations and national identities make no sense therefore I usually don’t think in structures like this. But sometimes I can’t help and start to find a particular group of people more awful than others – depending on their behaviour. Sometimes […]

Roost – Drömling IV

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October 2012 5.500 Tundra Bean Geese Anser serrirostris & Greater White-fronted Geese Anser albifrons flying off from roost. PFR00685, 121025, Tundra Bean Geese Anser serrirostris, White-fronted Geese Anser albifrons, Flachwasserzone Mannhausen, Germany photo credit: Tundra Bean Goose Anser serrirostris © Mathias Putze | Green-Lens

Arabian summer

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June 2012 In April and May 2012 I stayed in Lower Egypt for a bird migration survey. This gave me several opportunities for sound recording. To walk around in Egypt as a foreigner, moreover with suspiciously looking equipment, was not easy these times. So I could manage only a few trips, sometimes acompanied by a […]

Vessel tracks I

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April 2012 During the last years, I have been participating in offshore bird- and marine mammal monitoring trips at the North and the Baltic Sea. Working in the day- and nighttime, I have learned to appreciate both, the sounds of the marine habitat itself and that of the vessel`s devices. Over the years, most of […]