Heimspiel – Drömling V

September 2013
I mentioned the Flachwasserzone Mannhausen (shallow lake) here
several times before.

Since my family moved to a village just around the corner I’m regularly there
for birding – especially in winter
(arctic geese).

On my way from Poole (UK) back to Leipzig I had again a short stopover and
it was a good idea.

Early in the morning I thought that some Yellow-browed warblers Phylloscopus
should be in the area because during the last days there was a huge
influx of them all over north and central europe

For that reason I went out to have a quick listen in suitable habitats and the first
bird call I ‘ve recognised after I had opened the car door were calls of a
Yellow-browed warbler and the first hundred meters revealed a second bird.
I assume there were much more of them hidden in the Common sea-buckthorn
Hippophae rhamnoides bushes around the lake…

My stopover in the Netherlands brought me my first ever YBW. During the
following days in the Netherlands I heard lot’s of them in habitats similar to the
shallow lake’s surrounding environment

Here is a short recording of one of the two birds I heard immediately:

PFR09538, 2-00, 130928, Yellow-browed warblers Phylloscopus inornatus, call,
Flachwasserzone Mannhausen, Telinga parabolic reflector