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July 2014 In May/June 2013 I accompanied a small group consisting of three experienced field ornithologists and bird ringers from Mongolia, Germany and the UK plus a driver and a cook from Ulaanbaatar for a short expedition through western central-mongolia. Erdenesant PFR07717-1, 2-10, 130522, Taiga Flycatcher Ficedula albicilla, excitement call, Erdenesant, Mongolia PFR07773, 2-10, 130523 […]

Greifswalder Oie IV

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December 2010 During the second half of December I visited the isle Greifswalder Oie another time (german Baltic Sea). As expected, there was a lot of snow and for a few days the coast around the isle was frozen – some parts even to the horizon. 101222, Northern Raven Corvus corax, pair, display flight This […]

Hissing and clicking

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July 2009 What do you think you hear in this recording? A clockwork? A model railroad? Or maybe a snake? 090713, Eurasian Wryneck Jynx torquilla, juveniles, near Leipzig, Germany Yesterday I ringed some juvenile Wrynecks Jynx torquilla. What you can hear is their defense call. For me it was quite an impressive experience to see […]

Greifswalder Oie III

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May 2009 In early Spring I was on the isle Greifswalder Oie for the third time. It was quite a different situation as in Autumn. Only a few birds were migrating, what gave me enough time for single individuals, studying their fragmentary, incomplete songs “on the road”. Earlier the year the Club 300 Germany started […]

Greifwalder Oie II

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January 2009 During my second trip to the isle Greifswalder Oie in December 2008 I found me confronted with a completely new situation. There were no migrating birds at all. On the whole island were only a few songbirds, a pair of Northern Raven Corvus corax made display flights, a straying flock of Hooded Crows […]

Greifwalder Oie I

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December 2008 During October I was at a bird ringing station on a small isle called Greifswalder Oie. It is situated in the Baltic Sea in Northeastern Germany. For me, this trip offered a complete new view on bird migration. In the area around my hometown Leipzig, bird migration was for me, until now, only […]