Mallorca of the north

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January 2016 In June 2014 I went to the annual meeting of the Wildlife Sound Recording Society at Rutland Wetland Reserve. Chris Watson the new president of the society presented sound recordings made on filming trips for Sir David Attenborough’s series Frozen Planet– no need to mention how inspiring it was once again. Chris invited […]


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JUNE 2015 Usually I try to avoid having expectations at all. The same goes for travelling. In addition, living a busy life means doing first things first – so I went off to my recent UK trip once more rather mentally unprepared. As a first stopover on my way to Northumberland Santpoort in the Netherlands […]

Arctic Hunter

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November 2014 I’m always curious to explore the sound of a new vessel. Here is a sound recording of my first trip on the danish ship MS Arctic Hunter. PFR10323, 2-10, 141112, wind, engine, North Sea, offshore, MS Arctic Hunter

Vessel tracks II

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November 2012 I’ve never understood what people makes enthusiastic with patriotism. For me, artificial constructs of nations and national identities make no sense therefore I usually don’t think in structures like this. But sometimes I can not help myself and start to find a particular group of people more awful than othersut others – depending […]

Vessel tracks I

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April 2012 During the last years, I have been participating in offshore bird- and marine mammal monitoring trips at the North and the Baltic Sea. Working in the day- and nighttime, I have learned to appreciate both, the sounds of the marine habitat itself and that of the vessel`s devices. Over the years, most of […]