They say there is a land

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February 2019 Israel is, that is well known, THE place for bird migration enthusiasts. Therefore alone, a trip was on my bucket list for quite a long time. In addition I was also curious about the native mammals, reptiles and of course the landscape in general. My only real duty were flight call recordings of […]

Profen II

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February 2019 A field trip into a former coal mine (the landscape around Leipzig is strongly shaped by huge, primeval appearing wounds of the earth’s surface) raises some questions with the critical environmentalist. In addition to the bizarre beauty of these impressive landscapes, you will find views into the a small window of geological history, […]

P.S.: WSRS Annual Competition 2017

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November 2018 Whilst sorting out recordings for the 2018 Wildlife Sound Recording Society annual competition, it struck me that I did not post my submissions for the 2016 competition. That should be made up hereby. Still learning (single individual) Eurasian Blackcap Sylvia a. atricapilla, 2cy male, late plastic song Family business (several individuals, one species) […]

Krkonoše National Park

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September 2018 Sometimes it needs somebody else to make things happen, even if you think about it for a long time. As a child, my family went several times to the Giant Mountains in the Czech Republic (ČSSR at the time) on vacation. But the only thing I remember from that time is dead trees. […]


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February 2018 I spent a good part of the winter 2017/18 with studying vocalisations of Red Crossbills Loxia curvirostra, Parrot Crossbills Loxia pytyopsittacus and the very close related Common Redpoll Acanthis flammea (or Lesser Redpoll A. cabaret, Mealy Redpoll A. flammea and Arctic Redpoll A. hornemanni if you like). Parrot Crossbill Loxia pytyopsittacus, 2CY, male Cones! Red Crossbill Loxia […]

Birds at war

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May 2018 Earlier the month the artist duo FAMED kindly invited me to give a talk at Nuremberg’s art academy. Their chosen topic was ornithology and birding in times of war. Some years ago Marcus Held and I were preparing an artistic work, reflecting on Günter Niethammer’s paper ‘Beobachtungen über die Vogelwelt von Auschwitz’ (‘The […]

Darß III

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December 2017 I prefer to spend the winter time somewhere at the coast, where bird species accumulate much more than they do in the mainland. Since I live in the mainland, it amounts to short trips up north, favourably to the Darß peninsula. It was a bit of a bad timing this year, and way […]