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After two or three years of using phonography and noise music (anthrophony?) to find a way of dealing with human-induced noise, I decided to focus on the sounds of nature. Discovering Chris Watson’s “Outside the Circle of Fire” (WATSON 2008) was a more than welcome confirmation of my perception that pure, not collaged biophonies can have an […]

Birds at war

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May 2018 Earlier the month the artist duo FAMED kindly invited me to give a talk at Nuremberg’s art academy. Their chosen topic was ornithology and birding in times of war. Some years ago Marcus Held and I were preparing an artistic work, reflecting on Günter Niethammer’s paper ‘Beobachtungen über die Vogelwelt von Auschwitz’ (‘The […]

Darß III

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December 2017 I prefer to spend the winter time somewhere at the coast, where bird species accumulate much more than they do in the mainland. Since I live in the mainland, it amounts to short trips up north, favourably to the Darß peninsula. It was a bit of a bad timing this year, and way […]

Silver Fox

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July 2017 At this year’s Wildlife Sound Recording Society‘s annual general meeting I have been awarded the Silver Fox Award. The Silver Fox ist the overall winner of the annual competition. I feel very honoured and would like to thank the society especially the jury! These are my competition submissions to five categories: single individual of one […]


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July 2017 I recently made a short trip to a former military area in Brandenburg in order to make decent recordings of Eurasian Nightjars Caprimulgus europaeus and in hope for another Grey Wolf Lupus lupus observation. PFR13073, 26/05/2017, Wood Warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix, song, Brandenburg, Germany Unfortunately that area is close to Berlin thus air traffic […]

An eerie journey home

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July 2017 After a bird and marine mammal offshore survey, our ship was slowly sailing back to the harbour through an eerie almost surreal marine landscape. This an excerpt of a long duration recording. PFR12960, 13/05/2017, deck ambience, North Sea, offshore