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After two or three years of using phonography and noise music (anthrophony?) to find a way of dealing with human-induced noise, I decided to focus on the sounds of nature. Discovering Chris Watson’s “Outside the Circle of Fire” (WATSON 2008) was a more than welcome confirmation of my perception that pure, not collaged biophonies can have an […]


Red Barn

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August 2015 On my way back from Iceland I came across Denmark. In 2009 I visited the Tipperne peninsula for the first time and was absolutely impressed by the lush birdlife I found there. This year my visit was quite late in the breeding season and the weather was rather uncomfortable with a stiff breeze […]


Findings #03

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Findings – Phonographie Diskurse Patrick Franke &  Chris Weinheimer Ausgabe #03 – noise 13.07.2015, 20:00h Kapitaldruck Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 36 Leipzig-Süd Rauschen ist Bestandteil jeder technischen Aufnahme. Mit diesen Begriff wird in der Informationstheorie das nicht Verwertbare, nicht zur Information Gehörige bezeichnet. Aber lässt sich dieses allgegenwärtige „Geräusch“ so einfach in die Bedeutungslosigkeit hinein bezeichnen? Der Begriff […]



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JUNE 2015 Usually I try to avoid having expectations at all. The same goes for travelling. In addition, living a busy life means doing first things first – so I went off to my recent UK trip once more rather mentally unprepared. As a first stopover on my way to Northumberland Santpoort in the Netherlands […]


Just dutch birding II

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MAY 2015 It’s no secret the Netherlands are always worth a visit at least for birding. Especially the north seems to be blessed with migrants and sometimes one can get the impression, the countless dutch birders even find every vagrant may it ever so inconspicuous. Therefore, no doubt a stopover in Holland travelling from the […]