New year’s eve inside a nest box

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January 2011 In most countries people do welcome the new year with fireworks. In different cultures it has different traditional backgrounds, and fireworks, of course, have found their way into the phonography community as a permanent annual feature. Like many other people, I wonder what impact this tradition has for birds or animals in general, […]

Grosssteinberg II

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June 2010 In order to handle the bitter feelings of loosing a friend by death, I started to make sound recordings inside and along the stone pit GroƟsteinberg (near Leipzig) once again. It was one of the places, we regularly visited together. Sadly the axcavation in the quarry has been boost anew. For that reason […]

Hissing and clicking

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July 2009 What do you think you hear in this recording? A clockwork? A model railroad? Or maybe a snake? 090713, Eurasian Wryneck Jynx torquilla, juveniles, near Leipzig, Germany Yesterday I ringed some juvenile Wrynecks Jynx torquilla. What you can hear is their defense call. For me it was quite an impressive experience to see […]

Bee-eaters at Geiseltal

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July 2008 During the last weeks I regularly went to an area called Geiseltal near Merseburg in central Germany. It was a brown coal pit till 1994. Now the area will be transformed to an immense water landscape for all kinds of sports and freetime activities. Some animals which life in this really rare type […]