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October 2019 I went to Germany’s most famous Common Crane roost north of Berlin recently. My goal was to make sound recordings of a really large number of Common Cranes arriving at roost. In this case around 20.000 individuals. It is certainly arguable whether it is right, in times of continuous habitat loss, to bring […]

Brandenburg thunderstorm

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September 2019 Normally I do not deploy autonomous recording units, except for scientific monitoring. Why? For me, the best part of sound recording is listening during the recording process (actually, of course, a recording would not have to be done at all to do so). I was in a marsh area in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to do […]

Scorched Earth

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July 2019 The naturalist’s year is more or less structured by the life cycles of the natural world. Living in a life cycle mostly alienated from nature, it brings with it that only partial insights into the former are possible. At least once a year, I usually visit a former military training area south of […]


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March 2019 After moving to Berlin, I slowly started to familiarise with my new environment, made some first trips in order to explore new spots and to check their suitability for sound recording. Unlike Leipzig, Berlin is not only surrounded by totally ruined agricultural deserts only, but of finest heathland and some interesting nature reserves. […]