February recordings

February 2009
It´s February, the first songbirds are singing in the first warm shafts of sunlight.
After a few of month recording with hard conditions a friendlier time is about to
To my surprise yesterday a flock of Common Starlings Sturnus vulgaris was sitting
in a apple tree and chatting. One of them gave a short lesson in what a Starling
can achieve.

090215, Common Starling, calls and song, Leipzig, Germany

Since one week a flock of 25 Hawfinches C. coccothraustes was straying around.
With a “contact call” the flock seemed to sync their activities. One by one was
calling till all individuals were together.

Last year I tryed to record their curious whispering song. Now with my new Telinga
parabolic reflector I have better prospects. Here my first attempt.

090213, Hawfinch, calls, Leipzig, Germany

090213, Hawfinch, calls and song, Leipzig, Germany

During this winter were a lot of Long Tailed Tits Aegithalos caudatus flocks in
Leipzig. What i like about this recording is the contrast of the urban surrounding
and the bird´s delicate voices.

090213, Long-tailed Tit, calls, Leipzig, Germany

090213, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker looking for food, Leipzig, Germany